Our Team

Migsoft Ltd. succeeds because we have a great team on board. Your business needs are in very capable hands...

Gheorghe Bobescu

Florin Mandache

I studied IT at Suceava University in my home country of Romania, before moving to Scotland to be with my wife Carolyn. I have now been living here for 17 years. With advanced knowledge in programming and a passion for all things tech., I am delighted to be a Director of my own software company. Prior to starting Migsoft Ltd., I was an IT manager and gained experience of working with, and training, programmers of various skill levels. Determined and ambitious, I am constantly improving my knowledge in my field, and will persevere until I overcome any challenges. Collaboration with like-minded people, whether in-person, or through online forums, has often been the key to overcoming technical hurdles, and I have built up an extensive network through doing so.

Carolyn Mandache

As co-Director of Migsoft Ltd. I have found myself on a steep learning curve. My studies were in English (Strathclyde University) and Graphic Design (College of Building and Printing); skills which are not, on first thought, relevant to a software development company. However, my creative side and language skills have enabled me to develop the marketing side of the business, the part which I particularly enjoy. Florin and I had run another successful company before; I have learned about and maintain all the background tasks essential in having your own company. I enjoy networking and creating brand awareness.

Burcovschi David

I studied at the Computer Science High School in Iasi, Romania. I am working as a full stack developer: PHP, Laravel, Javascript, Css, Bootstrap, HTML5, Swift iOS, Java, Android, Python. I like to build very secure apps, and work hard to achieve my goals. From January 2017 I have colaborated with Migsoft LTD. I enjoy working with the team, where I can develop my programming skills. I will apply to the Computer Science University in Iasi Romania in the near future.